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This Tim Marten is not a professional plastic surgeon due to the fact that he violated a patient badly with surgeries she did not want or need. Her face is disfigured now and she has dysfunction on her body.

He did everything due to his hate towards her. He could have told her to leave but instead he butchered her in session that took several long hours. Surgery that she needed would have taken just couple of hours. Be safe people and stay away from this man!

There are plenty of good professionals to choose from who only do procedures that are agreed with the patients. Tim Marten is not one of those.

Product or Service Mentioned: Marten Clinic Of Plastic Surgery Facelift Surgery.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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This review is not only about bad quality, but about a crime this plastic surgeon did. Surgery without consent is a crime, so is touching body on face only operation.

This place is very shady. Beware!


I just came home after trying to see some clothes at a mall.

After a first glimpse to the mirror I had to leave.

The woman on the mirror looked like someone who has too tiny and gaunt head to her body.

This is what Timothy created me.

He told me after the surgery that you can tell to people that you have lost some weight. In other words he told me that he carved my face empty and that I'd have gaunt face when swelling dissolves.

He collapsed my nose and carved my neck empty too. I have hard time in my throat because the parts there are detached and they crack. Even a litte bit of workout makes breathing whizz. I never had that.

I used to play very fast paced sports where you had to have great sprinting ability and endurance in fast phased sport. Now I don't think I can do that anymore since Tim violated my throat so badly.


He sucked my nasolabial folds empty of fat that they'll start forming badly.

This kind of man marten is if he somehow hates you! He sure hated me and I sensed the cruelty but I was not smart enough to walk away in the morning of surgery.

I wanted to believe that I felt wrong and I thought he would not harm me in front of all the staff. But little did I know.

I don't think there are much more evil person among plastic surgeons that Timothy J Marten is. I hope there is no other ps like him. I believe his reputation is built on lies.

No individual who is professional does what he has done to me. No one. It's not about a humane mistake! Do you undestand that?

This is about extreme cruelty and a crime and this man runs free and operates other people on weekly basis. The system is extremely effed up when this is possible.

Till the day I die I will try to warn people with the truth. I hope I'm able to save some of you from his cruelty.

It's your choice... but there are probably over 10 000 ps in USA. Marten is just one of them and when you look at the before/after pictures you realise hopefully that there are far more better ones out there with cheaper prices and with no horror surgeries without consent on their records. Choice is yours.

Go to him if your heart says so. I was ruined by this man and I will never ever recommend a person like this. If I compare his consultation to the other 6 plastic surgeon I have now seen in USA. He is the worst one even with his 30 years of experience in the business.

You'd think a man with such a long experience could tell you everything about the surgery when you fly over for that reason to hear about the surgery... But no, he just left the room within 5-10 minutes because according to him I was the one who had to know all of the right questions... who knows when you haven't studied to become a plastic surgeon...

What an unprofessional old man with no professional manners. He should have told me that he doesn't know how to help me and he does not want to help me.

I would have left. But no... he did not say anything. On the morning of surgery, a month after my visit to hear how the surgery would go, he tried to sell me new things.

I did not agree. Morning of the surgery is not a place to start telling different ideas about surgery. The place and time for the discussion was a month earlier when I paid the surgery and we had agreed the 2 simple things I requested.

He wrote cruel lies on one paper that he had written on the morning of the surgery... He is an unskilled old liar from my experience.

to Marten bad experience #1340973

Please post photos of your before and afters.

to Anonymous #1387226

Do you understand that not all the destruction he did shows in the pictures.

When he sucks fats out of your eyesockets and you have tight skin, then that does not show. It feels and shows when fingers all of the sudden fit in to eyesockets.

Fat elimination from lips, chin and cheeks have the same effect.

Selfies and skype show the destruction, how he remodelled the whole face to very ugly compared to previous.

This old man who should retire is just cruel and does these evil things because he apparently is sick in his head.

He does those because he knows he has great chance of getting away. What happens under the skin stays there.

Why is there puncture holes 2cm under eyes each side? Why is there cut mark between eyebrows, why was there large bruise on nose, why was there these weird holes on nose, why nose kept leaking liquid after the surgery, why it still is weird, why he injected fat on nose bridge without consent............... He did several procedures without consent that ruined patients looks forever.

People should see pictures of his patients when they were younger and compare to his work. I bet the women would look nothing like in the pictures, because martens work is not about rejuvenation, it is unskilled evil mans attempt to reshape these people ugly. He knows how fat elimination affacts human faces. It has very aging impact.

He knows no fat should be taken out without consent. It is the sagging skin, not fat that is taken out in lift. Marten reshaped my face to a frek look. I looked good before in selfies.

Now I look disgusting.

Why is that? Because Marten did things he was never ever supposed to.


He does something very wrong.

Instead of lifting he pulls the jaw area extremely tight and he hacks some important strictures and detaches chin from its base that it's look weird instead of normal chin.

I did not want him to touch anything that is in my neck or near the center of my face or eyebrows... Important things that make me look me were there.

Now I have this weird overly skinny and tight witch face.

I bet he had some studen who operated my right side. My right side used to be my better side. Now it is gaunter and more and bones were taken out. Something very important was taken out that affects the facial width.

Whit bare eye it looks that the front view of my face on right side is at least 0,5cm less than the left side. It's because of the bones and buccal fats he toook out.


What kind of plastic surgeon sucks fats and bones out that surround eyes even no work for eyes was requested?

An extremely evil one! He tried to create me lazy eyes and bulging eyes. And he managed to do that among other sick problems.


This *** freak did not listen a word I said or wrote what I wanted. I did not have anything wrong in certain places yet still he found a reason to stick his tools to everywhere.

A real professional plastic surgeon know that the less you mess the better the result.

But he didn't want me to look me anymore

My regular weight has been as an adult 48-52kg most of the time.

I weight 56 when I had the surgery. This freak liposuctioned my neck and face fats completely away, so when I go back to my normal weight, then I have only skin and bones left. I did not sign up for a weight loss surgery, but that is obviously what Tim Marten gave me. He even told me after the surgery that I can tell my friends that I've just lost some weight.

They had put me a bandage on my leg and I did not know what it was.

Night nurse said that maybe it's from the fat harvest. So they harvested fat from my body and I did not even sign up for any sort of fat injections or lipos.

But who knows what they did while I was under anestesia since Tim Marten does not let me speak with the OR staff. That tells he is just guilty of everything. Previously I though they had dropped a tool on my chest near my throat during the surgery, but I bet it's a spot where he injected the fat lump I have now on my throat.

Eversince the surgery was it has been an uncomfortable feeling in my throat.

He was not supposed to touch it but he did. This evil man destroyed everything in me.


This man carved my eyebrow bones and fats out and because pf that I have ptosis now. My eyes hung half closed and eyearea feels extremely heavy.

The brow lift that I asked for was supposed to help with the heavines, but it is useless to take any skin out and then eliminate all of the volume base support that are bones and skin.

I had no problems on my indereyes. Now I can see extreme hollowness and crepy wrinkly lids coming. Timothy is not someone who cares and does nice job to his paying customers.

If he hates you he shows it utmost brutal passive agressive ways and kills you with wrongful surgery.

Please, if you feel even a hint of unpleasant act or feeling when you talk with him please do what is the right and save yourself from the harm. I truly hope that he holds his temper now that the truth is online and everyone can see what he has done.

I hope the truth protects the ones who still choose him despite of his unethical brutal crimes he did against me.

Good luck and God bless you people. No one deserves a life like this where a doctor harm you on purpose.


When man carves face empty when he is supposed to do a lift it just shows pure sign of evilness. Especially in this situation where this man preaches about the importance of fat and volume based support.

This man admits his crimes when he does not let patient talk with the OR staff!


A criminal is free and that is outrageous!


He punished me because I did not want fat injections or need them and then he sucked my face empty of fat that I'd need asap.

Well, without Tim I would have been fine years to come because of my genes... now I can not live with this gaunt horror face.

He even sucked my nasolabial folds empty to aid them to form quicker...

The things he did against my will are a long list of things that real plastic surgeons who want to help to restore their patients face do not perform.

Tim hated me so much that he wanted to punish me very badly.

Well he did wrong. If I paid him over 20 000$ to do certain things and he did more it shows how bad bad bad bad bad and unethicah he is.


Yelp is doing their best effort for the doctor and they delete nearly all of the reviews and pictures which tell the truth about this man. Luckiky there are some unbiased sites and new coming.

I personally boycot Yelp and Realself.

I was fooled by them and now I see how they work. Bad businesses that help with fraud by deleting true stories how badly some of the people have been treated.


I would have never ever sign up for this work I asked for if I would have known that so much would be done without my consent.

It's insane how much harm can do in front of several people with no one stopping him. Well easy for him because he obviously lies to them what I needed.

My head went through shrinkage.

I can not see anyone due to my face looking so different.

Even in airport a passport control lady had to look a long time to my passport to detect that was me. Then he says they usually look at the jaw area as one point.... Then Taxidriver joked to me that I'm from Slimland.... I can not live with this shrinked head.

I get this huge anxiety because I can not never ever have my normal weight again because this man stole my fats too.

If I loose 5-6 kilos my face will be fully skeletonized looking.

This man is so cruel. I thought he did not mean that expression when he pulled his face freakingly tight the morning of surgery... But he was not joking. He was telling all the time what was coming.

I should have cancelled the surgery in June when I noticed him not being able to be a professional. I flew to San Francisco to hear how my surgery is done and he told me nothing because I had no precize questions to ask. I should have understood then what unprofessional man he is. I never knew he could be this cruel and a true nightmare to a patient.

Dis he punish me because I did not want fat injections? I had gained weight and my face had fat. This man tried to sell me fat injections, but I did not want them and then he sucked my face empty of fat. That is insane.

I offered to pay him more than my surgery costs were for him to be financially ok to have me as patient. I was told that he denied a patient because they did not want a necklift. I thought it had something to do with the money, thus I offered to pay even the full quoted amount even I did not want half of the things done to me. And now the situation is that I was abused most horrible way.

I can not live with empty face and amputated parts in it. I hate that the systems in USA are so flawed. *** greedy bustards are allowed to succeed too far. No succes should be pulled out from other peoplesh flesh by destroying them.

This is what this insane person does. I don't believe he has asked any permission from any of his patients when he does some experiments.


To do what he did is outrageous. He is pure evil and it is disgusting how person like him can just continue.

I truly hope that he spends his retirement days in prison and he has to really think about the several crimes he has done during his career


If you know something about him and his illegal actions or you were harmed by him, please contact me:


Please, lets try to solve this in a way or another.

to ***tact me #1331301

Someone started spamming this e-mail big time, thus this e-mail was deleted.


mid july, not june...


This doctor does not let her speak with the staff that were present during her operation.

That tells quite well that some things are not right in this place.

Honest doctor lets patients talk with all of the staff.


to Warning #1328864

Iss high time that there is policeman in the operating room like airplane marshall on flights for protections to safetyguard patients during opperation procedures to stop mutilations of nipless and liposuctions of labia. Why isnt the operation videotaped and given to patient after so bad things cant happen?

to Crying #1329021

Yes, I think there should be someone in the or to protect people for them being harmed.

Not all plastic surgeons are evil, but some are like this TM.

Video tape or so would be good to have so that everything done to patient while they were under anestesia could be checked. Unfortunately some lie on the OR reports like this TM.

It is not expensive to set this kind of system. Cheap cameras cost as little as 50€ and they can be set to ceiling to observe everything. It can be connected to internet and someone even in other side of the world can observe what is happening in OR and they can talk through the system too. I think doctors who have nothing to hide could be setting up these systems as an extra for patient safety...

This what happened was uncommon but unfortunately it is real and the doctor is guilty big time until he proves otherwise.

Proving would be easy if he let harmed patients to talk with the OR staff. But he does not let, thus there is a need for making a police report of them all and that way getting them all talk to police.

Honest doctors have nothing to hide and if questions arise they have no need to keep their patients from talkin to everyone. When a doctor does that, it is a sign that they are not honest and sign of a very suspicious shady place.

Sometimes doctors do mistakes.

That is unfortunate. But they also try to help patient for overcoming this.

TM denies everything even everything can be proven with another ps. TM is a lier who did surgeries to his patient without their consent.

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